Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Playland Pier follow-up

Following up on last week's anniversary of Playland Pier burning, here's another photo from the mid 50's.  This page was scaned from one of the old North Idaho Fun Guides (forerunners of the Guide to North Idaho) and also features an ad for the nearby Templin's Grill.

Of note here is that Playland Pier would allow free use of the changing rooms along the waterfront boardwalk for tourists.  All they had to do was present a key from one of the local hotels,  You could even rent a towel for ten cents and a bathing suit for a quarter. By the early 60's the changing rooms were gone along with the small concession at beach level. 

City beach wasn't very safe by today's standards but a lot of fun at the time.  It wasn't unusual to have boom logs float into the swim area and while rusty spikes and huge splintered logs presented a hazard, it didn't stop kids from creating makeshift boats, docks and diving platforms out of them.

It was a great place and still is.

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