Tuesday, December 22, 2009

December 22 in Idaho History

December 22, 1864:  The second Legislature of Idaho Territory creates Kootenai County from the north end of Nez Perce County.

What is now Kootenai County was one considered part of Oregon Country (1803-1848), Oregon territory (1848-1853), Washington Territory (1853-1863), Idaho Territory (1863-1890) and finally Idaho when we became a state in 1890.

The original boundaries of Kootenai County were above the 48th Parallel, bordering present day Washington on the west, Montana on the wast and Canada on the north.  Of note is the present Kootenai County was not included, now located south of the 48th Parallel.

The original county seat was Senaquoteen, a small trading post located on the south shore of the Clark Fork River and later changed to Pend Oreille opposite the present town of Laclede. At the time Seaquoteen was the only settlement in Idaho territory north of Lewiston.  All that remains is an old graveyard.

Stay tuned for more history, trivia and legends about North Idaho.

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