Tuesday, December 15, 2009

December 15 in Idaho History, Shoshone County

December 15, 1861:  Shoshone County created.

Shoshone County was officialy established on February 4, 1864 with its county seat in Pierce, Idaho. Today, Pierce, Idaho is located in neighboring country, Clearwater County.  In 1885, the county seat was moved to Murray at the height of the gold rush there.  It was later moved to Osborn (now spelled Osburn) in 1890.  In 1893, it was moved to its current location of Wallace, Idaho.  Shoshone County was named after the Shoshoni Indian tribe.

The land area of Shoshone County is 2,640 square miles, approximately 640 square miles larger than the states of Delaware and Rhode Island.  The population of this large county is small; the 2000 census indicated only 13,771 people lived there with an average of five people for every square mile.  The tallest mountain in the area, Stevens Peak, is located south of Mullan and is approximately 7,000 feet in height.

The photo above points to the known center of the universe at 6th & Bank Streets in Wallace.  OK, actually it's just a manhole cover.  But for all we know....

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