Thursday, July 22, 2010

North Idaho Summer Fun at North Idaho College

Spek Tater With My Party Face On

To thank people for being Cecil's friend on Facebook, North Idaho College invited all of us to join them for a fantastic summer beach party. Only Cecil's friends were invited. There was food, music, volleyball, beach activities, sailing, canoeing, and lake-kayaking. 

I was so happy to be getting out to the beach and enjoyed getting to know some new people, ate some good food, and had some fun! Now, they were serving potato chips so I was a bit nervous at first. You know how hungry some of those college students can be, but it all turned out ok and I just avoided looking at those who were eating them. 

It was great to see everyone taking advantage of the sailing, canoeing, and lake kayaking. Even considered taking a chance myself, but as some might not know, potatoes do not float in unsalted water.

As I watched everyone enjoying the beach on this beautiful day I was reminded of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place and have such a great educational institution as North Idaho College right here in our backyard.  

I think those of us who spend every day here sometimes tend to forget what those that visit us for the first time experience. With our many lakes, mountains, rivers, outdoor recreation opportunities,four distinct seasons, and the friendliest people on the planet.  Who wouldn't want to live here, or at the very least visit us again and again?

My new mission is to get out and enjoy the many people, places, and things that North Idaho has to offer and then share my experiences with all of you. So be watching for where I might turn up next, or if you have some suggestions let me know!

Until next time this is Spek Tater, your official FYI North Idaho Touring Tater reporting to you from beautiful North Idaho!

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