Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Idaho State Fossil?

Idaho has an official State Fossil?  Yes, it's true.  Idaho has declared a number of official items.  Sure you knew the State Bird is the Mountain Bluebird and the State flower is the Syringa, but did you know Idaho also has a State Insect, Raptor, Dance, Soil and even Fossil.

The 1988 legislature designated the Hagerman Horse as the Official State Fossil. Discovered in 1928, it was originally described as Plesippus shoshonensis. The Hagerman Horse is the oldest known representative of the modern horse genus Equus (includes horses, donkeys, and zebras) and is believed to be more closely related to the living Grevy's zebra in Africa.

Just so you won't get caught not knowing this information, here's the official list for the State of Idaho.

State flower is the Syringa
State bird is the Mountain Bluebird
State tree is the Western White Pine.
State fruit is the Huckleberry
State vegetable is the Potato
State horse is the Appaloosa
State fish is the Cutthroat Trout
State insect is the Monarch Butterfly
State gem is the Star Garnet
State fossil is the Hagerman Horse
State raptor is the Peregrine Falcon
State dance is the Square Dance
State soil is Threebear

Perhaps we should also have an official State Pie, Huckleberry of course.

(Just so you'll know, Threebear consists of moderately well drained soils formed in silty sediments with a thick mantle of volcanic ash.)

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