Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ski the Great Potato, Part 2

Previously we discussed Idaho's Ski the Great Potato promotion, circa 1970.  While Idaho has so much to offer, spuds and skiing were, and are still, a couple of the state's touchstones.  What a combination.

The logo was so clever that it was picked up on by Ezra Brooks.  Ezra Brooks, along with Jim Beam and other distillers, created collector decanters for bourbons and other spirits depicting all sorts of people, places, things and events.  The Ski the Great Potato edition was one of a series of Ezra Brooks special decanters.

Produced in 1972, the Potato was available in Idaho liquor stores.  It must not have been very popular as by 1974 the remaining decanters were marked down to get off the shelves.

A wonderful piece of Idaho/skiing memorabilia, you can occasionally find one available on ebay.

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